About Us

Our Past

 My husband and I have always had at least one dog in the house, as children and adults.  We started out with a female English Springer Spaniel, named Cleo. She was a loyal companion to our family for 13 years. 

   With the Passing of Cleo we chose to add another member to our family a Sheltie named Teddy. Not long after Teddy joined our family, we adopted a retired security German Shepherd named Tess who was with us for only three happy years.  

The Beginning

   I have always longed for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and after a year of research and searching, we finally decided on a companion for Teddy.   We were fortunate to meet Ricki and Arnold of Gooseberry who allowed us to bring Aiden into our home.   Aiden is an affectionate Tri-colour female who has become my constant shadow. We started into show handling with Aiden and have continued showing our own dogs in the ring.  

    About a year after we got Aiden, my husband and I decided it was time to look into another Cavalier for our family.  In February 2009 Tallygolds Xcalibur Protector "Merlin" joined our family.  Merlin has found his place in our kennel as our Therapy Dog making many two-legged friends of all ages.     

As we all Grew

  In mid December 2009, Aiden was bred to Ch. Rabymar Adonis "Geordie" of Brinklow Cavaliers.  Aiden had her litter of 6 black and tan pups on February 11, 2010.  The 5 boys have now gone to their new homes and the little girl, Midsummers Lady of the Lake "Viviane",  now lives with our daughter and the pair are enjoying life experiences together.

A special thanks goes to Norma and Lang of Brinklow Cavaliers for all their support and advice throughout our breeding program. We are grateful to Norma for her honest opinions and answers to our many questions.  She has also entrusted us with Brinklow Midsummer Blue Angel "Morgan", a beautiful Blenheim female born February 17, 2010 and Brinklow Midsummer Wild Thyme "Pebbles". Aptly named Wild Thyme she constantly amazes us with her antics and has become the mischievous part of the pack. 

Morgan's legacy continues on with Midsummer's Roses are Red "Tessa", Midsummer's True Grit "Duke", and Midsummer's Little Rascal "Darla". 

In 2013 Pebbles delivered 3 wonderful puppies, 2 of whom have found wonderful loving homes. Midsummers Angel on the Horizon "Chloe" is living with us at Midsummer and following in her mother's footsteps.

Our Legacy Continues....

We are also proud to welcome our first grandchild, William, into the world in November 2013.  He will be a loving playmate to all of the pack as he grows. In December 2014 our second Grandchild arrived. Elizabeth is a joy and a reminder of how precious life is as she blossoms day by day. May 2017 our youngest grandson Joseph arrived to complete our family. 

"Cavaliers are like potato chips - you can't have just one."